We understand that when considering a property management company you have many options. At Vista Property Management we know that every Community has special requirements. It’s because of that we’ve made it our philosophy to understand our clients’ needs and create a management relationship that is catered specifically for you.

Over the past ten years Vista has designed systems for managing Community Associations throughout Pierce, King, and Thurston Counties.

Our Mission

Our goal is to become a key member in the management of your community. We believe in growing communities and maintaining a relationship with the Association members that will benefit the entire community. It’s this approach to management that allows us to provide specialized services to the diverse needs of your community when they are needed.

At Vista Property Management we strive to provide a management service that is first-class in the industry. The pricing model we use allows us to provide a customizable product for each community for the sole purpose of giving you the services you truly need and not paying for all the rest. We are confident our management fee structure is competitively priced. We know that as times change, the needs of your community change as well. Our goal is to grow with you. We will always effectively support you and that will benefit you both financially and operationally. Thank you for considering Vista Property Management for your management needs. We are excited about this opportunity to work with you. We look forward to helping your Community reach all of its goals through effective management.

Vista Management Team

Our Promise to Clients

Our clients are our partners. We believe in helping our Boards and Homeowners meet all their needs. We will always deliver the highest level of customer service. We strive to help protect your association assets and your community.

Our on and offsite Staff and Vendors Includes:

  • Property Management HOA Manager( your account executive)
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Bookkeeper
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Construction Department
  • Construction Superintendents
  • Sub-Contractors

Financial and Accounting Services

  • Prepare and distribute all billing statements/ coupon books to homeowners and instructions on how to pay on line for theirconvenience
  • Cash management and bank reconciliations that protects the Association’s funds
  • Accounts receivable and Accounts payable management
  • Assessment & collection of dues, delinquencies & violation fees necessary to keep the association running effectively
  • Assist the Board of Directors with preparation of the annual budget and distribute to all homeowners
  • Annual Financial statements available to all the members and Homeowners to assure them of their association’s financial stability
  • Special assessment assistance if requested by the Board of Directors and voted on by the homeowners and members
  • Preparation of Monthly Financial Reports sent to the Board of Directors to keep them fully informed.
  • Collect and deposit all payments on a daily basis to establish superior cash management.
  • Handle processing of all checks for vendors and or service providers.
  • Coordinate tax returns and annual audits with the HOA accountant on behalf of the association to stay in compliance with Federal Laws.
  • Execute investments, renewals, or transfers of association funds as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Distribute annual 1099’s to all vendors.
  • Handle homeowner and vendor inquiries regarding dues and receivables daily. Provide account recaps as needed.
  • Handle resale disclosure and transfers for Title companies, Lenders and REALTORS®
  • Maintain and update annual bank signature card(s)
  • Assist with lien filings and foreclosures
  • Contact attorneys/collection agencies for additional collection support consultation fees.
  • Manage and assure all required Association insurance is in force and renewed annually to avoid any potential liability to the Board of Directors or members
  • All Vista Property Management employees are covered by Employee Honesty Fidelity Insurance.

General Management

  • It is our goal to assist the Board of Directors and or the Declarant to fulfill their fiduciary to the Members and Homeowners.
  • Prepare and maintain copies of all correspondence and records on behalf of the Association per Washington State RCW’s
  • Be the point of communication between Members and the Board of Directors
  • Distribute communication on behalf of the Board when needed
  • Maintain an up to date homeowner database
  • Respond to e-mails and correspondence from home owners, vendors, and the Board of Directors in a timely fashion
  • Maintain corporate documents in order to be in compliance
  • Contract and coordinate with Reserve Study Specialist, update as required by law to ensure that the association has a current Reserve Study. Review the Reserve Study and plan accordingly for upcoming projects
  • Organize and attend Association Board meetings if requested by the Board, including preparation of agendas and other necessary documents.
  • Attend the Annual Board of Directors meeting.
  • Distribute and collect all ballots, proxies, and other needed documentation for meetings.
  • Attend executive session meetings as requested by the Board
  • Arrange for legal representation or legal advice when necessary and present findings to the Board.
  • Assist the Board in choosing the most cost-effective insurance coverage for the property.
  • Assist the Board with developing policies and procedures, and with the performance of the Board’s obligations.
  • Assist the Board in developing an Association Calendar.
  • Fully administer the provisions contained in the Association documents as they relate to management functions
  • Enforce Rules and Regulations
  • Maintain Corporation filing Status with the Secretary of State
  • CC&R enforcement and compliance inspections
  • Assist the Board in developing a short and long term Association Management plan.
  • Assist the Board of Directors or the Declarant in developing Rules and Regulations
  • Assist the Declarant in turning over the management of the Association to the homeowners.
  • Assist the Board in the administration of its fiduciary obligations, administration of the original corporate declaration, By-laws, Rules, and Regulations.
  • Assist the Board in establishing standards to ensure that uniformity is maintained throughout the development
  • Monitor the development to assure that all improvements are within set standards.
  • Provide monthly reports to the Board on finances, old and new business, by-law violations and status, and correspondence on behalf of the Association.
  • Assist with the election process at annual meetings and assist with new Board member’s orientation.
  • Facilitation of a HOA Website thru TOPS.
  • Serve as a primary contact and liaison for the Board of Directors with, but not limited to:
    1. Homeowners
    2. Association Vendors
    3. Legal Counsel
    4. Insurance Brokers/ Agents
    5. All parties involved in home sales
    6. Accountants
    7. All third party vendors contracted by the Board

Property and Maintenance Services

  • Assistance with creation of bid specifications and services for projects, and obtain or provide coordination of projects
  • Assist and advise the Board of Directors in 3rd Party Maintenance Contract Negotiations and helping with the execution of said contracts.
  • With the help of the Board of Directors monitor the recurring and special projects Vendors.
  • Bid and supervise all contracts under the management agreement.
  • Keep a calendar of scheduled maintenance and repairs and submit it to the Board members.
  • Provide work orders for necessary maintenance
  • On-site visits, to assure that maintenance contracts have been performed properly and timely.
  • Provide the Board with a summary report on maintenance performed and upcoming maintenance.
  • Provide scheduled maintenance services including but not limited to the following:
    1. Landscaping
    2. Lawn Maintenance
    3. Maintenance of common areas
  • Conduct routine site inspections and property drives to indentify property conditions, ACC compliance, vendor service performance, and violations
  • Maintenance program assistance to include, vendor coordination, bids, and monitoring
  • Handle homeowners work orders and maintenance requests